Keeping up with the cutting edge in training & development is critical to the work that I do. Because my colleagues and partners rely on my knowledge and expertise, I must remain in a state of constant discovery to ensure the success of our training initiatives. It occurred to me that others outside of my organization might find some value in these discoveries, as well. So below, for your exploration, is an up-to-date digest of my top tools, organizations, and go-to resources. Enjoy! 



EdTech & eLearning

eLearning Industry – As one of the largest online communities for eLearning professionals, eLearningIndustry's website is a great source for the latest industry news, developments in learning theory, new software, and other eLearning resources.

EdSurge – An organization dedicated to connecting educators with the right technology, EdSurge's site is a hub for all things EdTech – from the most current expert articles and research to tech product reviews.

Edudemic – A community of teachers, education professionals, and hundreds of other people interested in the intersection of education and technology. You'll find articles, trend reports, and useful tools for both educators and students. 

eLearning Infographics – A fun and bountiful source of eLearning infographics. Subscribe to their mailing list to receive daily or weekly infographic digests.

eLearning Hub – This site is loaded with valuable information, including course development guides, reviews of the latest eLearning authoring tools, and best practices in learning theory (just to name a few).

GeoWhiz – A fun, experiential gateway to discovery for K12, featuring a global interactive game platform that engages learners from around the world with geography and new cultures. – My favorite new website right now, dedicated to "anyone who puts people at the center of their work." Check out their rich archive of content connecting the impact community has on business, technology, knowledge sharing, and everything else in the world. Sign up for their newsletter to receive masterfully curated digests of their latest and greatest material. 

DifferentiationCentral – An online hub maintained by UVA's Institutes on Academic Diversity as the go-to site for resources on Differentiated Instruction. IAD was founded in 1996 with DI expert and author, Carol Tomlinson, at the helm to help educators understand the principles of Differentiated Instruction and develop competence and confidence in creating responsive classrooms that meet the diverse needs of today's students.




Association for Talent Development – An international organization focused on training & development, with members from a wide range of industries, not just education. ATD offers a broad catalog of training programs, including multiple certification tracts. Members receive access to free weekly webinars, publications, templates, and more.

Educelerate – The nation's only not-for-profit, community organized network for education innovation.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) – A huge network of educators, industry professionals, and digital learning thought leaders.

InnEdCo (Innovative Education Colorado) – A Colorado-based organization dedicated to increasing the role and positive impact of technology in education.

Office of Educational Technology – Develops policy to support educational technology best practices.

Online Learning Consortium – Provides training & certification workshops, industry news, and networking opportunities.

The Foundation for Blended & Online Learning – Dedicated to advancing and improving the availability and quality of blended/online educational opportunities and outcomes.


Best Blogs

Edutopia – A comprehensive website and online community that increases knowledge, sharing, and adoption of what works in education.

Eduwonk – Though the site itself could use a facelift, don't let the outdated look and overly-dense text fool you. This blog has been around for years and serves up broad, yet knowledgable, perspectives on the current state of education, public policy, and eLearning industry trends. It also boasts a (very long) index of recommended blogs and education-related websites.

Design Thinking: Thoughts by Tim Brown – Innovative and inspiring design-focused blog from Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO.

eSchool News – Daily Tech News & Innovation

iSpring Solutions – Though iSpring is a provider of their own proprietary digital authoring tools, their eLearning Insights blog maintains a pretty unbiased perspective with regular industry trend reports and relevant case studies.

Life Without Limitations – A site dedicated to purpose-driven leadership, work-life integration, and the power of personal development, from education & career development visionary, Micaela Alpers (of Career Team). My go-to blog anytime I need a dose of inspiration. 

Putting People First – Daily insights on user experience, experience design, and people-centered innovation, by UX consultancy firm Experientia.

The eLearning Coach – So content-rich, you could spend days mining this site. It primarily targets the instructional design crowd, but there is no shortage of UX and digital design content to go around. Sign up for the mailing list to receive weekly newsletters packed with usable tools and insights.

4.0 Schools  – Blog focused on innovation in education, making reform more human, investing earlier and more often, and opening up education innovation to everyone. 

news & worthwhile reads


InsideHigherEd – The horse's mouth for all of higher education. Online source for news, opinion, and jobs.

EducationNext – Self-proclaimed as politically agnostic, this website attempts to provide a platform for the diversity of voices and perspectives that are part of educational discourse today. 

Edudemic – Features news and articles on teaching, learning, and how technology positively shapes our education.

Education Law Review – Useful blog from a DC-based attorney with 25+ years of experience in education law & policy on Capitol Hill. 


10 Best Practices for a Successful Learning Management System Migration – Great best practices checklist for LMS migrations.

Celebrating 50 eLearning Best Practices – Solid reference of eLearning tips, tricks & success strategies.

Distance Education: 5 Ways to Engage Adult Learners – Brief and to-the-point article on how to reach and impact online adult learners.

Is Your Organization Ready for eLearning? – Good advice for any organization considering blended or online training.

Technology in Education: An Overview – A balanced and thorough look at the usage and impact of technology in education today.

UX & Design

IDEO: The Latest News – Extensive archive of news articles and insights on creating impact through design.

Gamestorming – A comprehensive toolkit for "innovators, rule-breakers, and changemakers."

Service Design Toolkit – A step-by-step toolkit that provides an introduction to the methodology of service design.

The Human-Centered Design (HCD) Toolkit – Free downloadable kit walks users through the human-centered design process and supports them with implementing new ideas and building out impactful training programs.

UX Notebook – A very active blog from an NYC-based designer that is packed with practitioner advice, tips/tricks of the trade, and general life hacks to save you time (and sanity). 

UX Project Checklist – At the top of my favorites list, this website provides a comprehensive guide to the steps, considerations, and protocols required for quality UX project management. 

Wappalyzer – A browser extension that will identify underlying technologies used by websites. It detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, and analytics tools (to name just a few).

What the Font – This Chrome extension allows you to pinpoint the specific fonts used on any website.

making a difference

Making a Difference

Colorado Impact Fund – Venture capital fund dedicated to supporting local companies that generate positive community outcomes.

Mile High United Way – A community catalyst for social change with a focus on early childhood development and early literacy, education and youth development, and family income and economic stability.

Knowledge Alliance – A non-partizan, education-focused non-profit organization that advocates for greater use of research-based knowledge in education policy and practices.

Girls Who Code – Closing the gender gap in technology. – Thousands of well-produced online courses to help you brush up on the latest version of Adobe Captivate or learn new leadership skills. 

Udemy – Another great catalog of online courses, often at more affordable prices than you will find on The course wishlist in my Udemy account has to be close to one hundred by now.

University of Reddit – Free online courses across a variety of disciplines. There is certainly some variance in quality among the courses but the key word here is "free."

Udacity – A broad catalog of technology training courses and nanodegree programs. Many courses are entirely free, while others are available for purchase.

edX – is a well-established name in online learning and partners with leading schools to offer for-credit courses. They also have a deep catalog of professional development and discrete skills training courses. 

Coursera – Similary, Coursera offers free online courses from top schools and universities. Here you can find courses on everything from Buddhism to data science.

Sophia – offers a diverse catalog of free online courses that can be submitted for college credit at over 2,000 schools across the country.

Khan Academy – Khan Academy is a well-known provider of free, quality online courses ranging from high school math to coding to test prep.  

University of the People – Accredited, tuition-free online university offering courses in health sciences, business, and computer science.

The Open University – A UK-based, tuition-free university with an impressive course catalog. 

Lifetime Learning