Adaptive Leadership

The Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. 

The Golden Rule. That hallmark of thoughtfulness that we were all taught makes a harmonious world turn round.

But does it really? Does presuming that everyone else thinks like you, is motivated by the same things as you, harbors the same fears, and protects the same vulnerabilities as you, really serve us all that well at all?

In the courses and training programs I develop, I devote a great deal of focus to differentiated instructional strategies in order to accommodate the diversity of learners out there in the world. But the ability to differentiate your communication style, approach, and behavior is also crucial for success well beyond the classroom. It is at the root of positive interpersonal relationships, forms the core of successful customer service and fruitful business partnerships. And it is paramount for effective leadership.

My friend and colleague, Micaela Alpers, is a model of adaptive leadership. As President of Career TEAM's Education division, Micaela lives adaptive leadership in her approach with colleges and universities across the country with whom she partners to create effective success and career development programs for the students they serve. She draws on her experience to share some valuable advice on what it takes to lead people in the way that best suits each individual, rather than the other way around.

Click HERE to read about Micaela's adaptive leadership approach.

Never stop learning.

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