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Never Stop Learning

A State of Constant Discovery

I completed a certification workshop recently which quite possibly had the most diverse group of participants of any course or educational program I have ever attended. In addition to a cohort of eLearning professionals like myself enrolled in the workshop, there were individuals from a wide cross-section of industries–everything from government entities (both local and international), to well-known medical device manufacturers, to one of the world's most recognized online dating services.

Despite our different backgrounds, we had all come to this certification program to solidify our understanding of impactful learning design and to hone our ability to design effective eLearning that achieves lasting performance change. Each day the roundtable conversations grew livelier as we discussed best practices and design theory, while comparing workplace experiences and soaking up new understanding from the incredible, multi-industry brain trust collected there in the room.

Having been steeped throughout my own career in higher education, I took for granted that the mainstay theories, tools, and resources I utilized were well-known across all Training & Development departments, regardless of industry sector. What I learned from these roundtable conversations is that was not at all the case for many of the organizations represented there.

While I certainly walked away with more new knowledge than I imparted, I was able to introduce the class to some of my go-to eLearning resources. The positive responses I received from the workshop participants actually surprised me. Some said they had no idea how they had done their jobs before knowing about a certain website or authoring tool. And since the workshop, I've received many emails from my classmates about how useful they've found the information and how much of it they have been able to put directly into practice at work. All because of a few recommended URLs I thought would be no news to anyone.

In that spirit, I have created a new page on the AMN Consulting website where this information can be accessed by anyone. 

Check out the new RESOURCES page for:

  • Content-rich websites
  • Industry news & trends
  • Design/UX resources
  • Recommended blogs
  • Online learning providers
  • And much more...

The page content will be updated monthly to include new tools, best practices, and other resources I come across and integrate into my development process and consulting practice. I feel lucky that my job requires me to remain in a state of constant discovery, as I take on new projects with new clients. The eLearning landscape is ever-evolving and I hope some of you may benefit from my own experiences and new discoveries.

Never stop learning.


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